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OHNO México, with address at Calle Aeropuerto # 12, Colonia UH Statute Juridico, Boca del Rio, Veracruz, Postal Code 94294.

The personal data that is obtained verbally, in writing, or through electronic means, in accordance with the purposes for which you give your consent, will be the following:

Identification data

Financial / equity data

The personal data obtained will be used to carry out the following purposes:

Primary Purposes: (a) verify your identity and information; (b) update our database; (d) the sale of our products online; (c) deliver your products at the store and / or home and / or provide the services purchased; (d) inform and / or contact you, regarding the status of your purchases; (e) make the return of the products purchased; (f) carry out billing of payments; (g) comply with the applicable regulations and requirements of the authorities based on the Law for compliance with the legal provisions and requirements of various authorities and; (h) answer your questions, complaints and suggestions as a customer.

Secondary Purposes: Additionally, your personal information may be used for the following purposes: (a) send you our promotions by various means; (b) invite you to participate in raffles, sweepstakes, and contests; (c) advertise on social networks, media and information, newspapers and magazines; (d) carry out satisfaction surveys to evaluate the quality of the products and services (e) offer you any of our services and products; (f) marketing purposes, commercial prospecting, and statistical and historical purposes.

The owner of personal data has the right to object to their personal data being used for the purposes contained in subsection B above. If you wish to exercise this right, the owner of personal data must do so in accordance with the procedure established in the section "To limit the use and disclosure of personal data" of this Privacy Notice, within 5 business days following The date on which this Privacy Notice has been made available, so that the Responsible Party does not process your data for said purposes. Otherwise, it will be understood that the owner consents to the processing of their data for all the purposes listed above. We note that the foregoing is without prejudice to what is stated in article 26 of the Law and other applicable provisions.


To limit the use or disclosure of their personal data, the owner must send an email, addressed to the General Management at the following email address: the limitation of the use or disclosure in question, where they can request to be included in the internal exclusion lists of do not contact for promotional and marketing purposes. Likewise, you can register in the public registry to avoid publicity by the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (REPEP), by accessing the following link,

However, if the owner of the personal data limits the use that the Data Controller may give to their personal data, they may not be able to provide the additional benefits and benefits to which they would otherwise have access.


The User declares that he has read, understood and accepted the Comprehensive Privacy Notice of OHNO Mexico available on the Website, in the PRIVACY NOTICE section to which the treatment and protection of personal data will be strictly subject to the Terms and Conditions. Conditions in compliance with its privacy policy and its personal data security management system.

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